Loan Products

With Click Approval you can apply to any of our loan products online. Fast, Secure and Simple!

  1. Complete the Mortgage Application from your mobile device.
  2. Take photos of you documents to submit them-no scanning, no emailing, no faxes.
  3. Get approved, processed and funded faster than ever so you can move in when you're ready.

Mortgage Process

Helpful tips that can help make sure everything goes right until closing:

  • Make sure you stay current  on all of you existing payments( loan, credit cards utilities, etc)  
  • Avoid anything that might alter your credit such as large purchase or deposits, changes on employment o adding a new debt.
  • Save all of you financial documents and monitor your credit score for any changes

FHA or 203B Loan

Our FHA home loans make their goals possible by allowing buyers who may lower credit score qualify for home loan:

  • Cover customers with a minimum credit score of 500.
  • Cater to First-time home buyers and low-to-moderate income families.
  • Allow sellers, builders and lenders to pay some of your customer's closing cost. 

Conventional Loan

Traditional Loan, Flexible Options:

  • Low interest Rates
  • Flexible minimum down payment options
  • Mortgage Insurance requirement dependent upon down payment amount.
  • Availability for purchase or refinance.

Home Possible Mortgage

Now you can apply to finance a 2-4 unit property with an impressively low down payment of 5%:

  • It's designated for low-to-moderate income borrowers.
  • Its a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Flexible financing for primary residences.
  • Down payment can come form a variety of sources, including D.P.A

FHA Streamline Refinance Loan

FHA-insured mortgage loan and are looking to lower your payments, refinancing has never been this easy:

  • Lower your interest rate 
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Skip appraisal
  • Consolidate debt( Debt Consolidation Loan)

*For more refinance options-contact us

VA Loan

Features for our VA loans:

  • 100% Financing available with no down.
  • Government backed, so no private mortgage insurance required.
  • As low as 580 credit score.

And with several financing options, you can turn your home equity into cash and reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

Jumbo Loan

With loans as high as $2mill, our new JUMBO loan program features:

  • Qualifying credit scores as low as 660
  • Low down payment options
  • Financing for primary residences, second homes and investment properties .
  • Options for 1st Time Home Buyers
  • Cash-out refinances with up t $350,000.00 back

Solar and Wind Program

We can help you increase your earth-friendly efforts and make your home more environmentally efficient:

  • Eligible systems include wind turbines and solar power.
  • Both active and passive solar power are eligible.
  • Covers the cost and installation of systems.
  • Minimum qualifying credit score of 620.
  • Low down payment requirements.
  • 30-year fixed mortgage.
  • System must be owned, not leased.

Renovation Loans

Give your home a little TLC:

Borrow up to $35,000.00 for a home improvement projects with a low down payment. Te loan will be based on the as-completed value of the home, so you get your money's worth for your renovations.

In case of purchases you can finance the cost of your home with an additional $35,000.00 that you can put towards renovations.( Ex: kitchen, bathroom, roof and other improvement)  

Non-warrantable Condos

We offer special financing for non-warrantable condos that have options for buyer with past credit issues.

  •  Loan amount up to $3 million.
  • ARM, 30 years fixed and interest-only options available.
  • Flexibility with buyer credit events. ( ex.Bankruptcies, shorts sales, foreclosures)